We are a movement of Buffalo Business & people committed to transforming impoverished and marginalized communities, families, and people.

Each of us has something to bring to the table; we can all use what we have.

Let Them LOL knew from the beginning we could not do anything alone, that it would be people like you who would make all the difference.

Many Drops Make a Mighty Ocean.

We need your partnership. So what might your drop be? Or, more importantly, what might it become?

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​Your annual, quarterly, or monthly commitment is integral to ensuring the implementation and success of Let Them LOL's empowerment projects and goals throughout the year. As you choose to stand alongside our organization's work, we also get to proudly share about and with you as one of our partners!

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Partnership Levels Available:

Legacy Leader

$20,000+ yr | $5,000 qtr | $1,667 MO

Legacy Builder
$10,000+ yr | $2,500 qtr | $834 mo

Legacy Mobilizer
$5,000+ yr | $1,250 qtr | $417 mo

Community Grower
$2,500+ yr | $625 qtr | $208 mo

Community Planter
$1,000+ yr | $250 qtr | $84 mo

What Are the Benefits of Each Partnership Level?

One Drop Buffalo

A movement to unite and empower Buffalo businesses to create change.