But today in Sierra Leone,
children face a difficult reality

The Cycle of impoverished children

extreme poverty puts a child at risk

that child faces poor health due to malnutrition and lack of clean water

daily struggles include hard labor, avoiding harm, and difficult living conditions

orphaned and impoverished children in Sierra Leone rarely have the opportunity to go to school

that child has little chance for a better future and the cycle continues

This is not OK, but there's something we can do

The Cycle of hope for children

LTLOL assesses the at-risk child

based on the child’s needs, they are placed in our full-time care or partnership program

this child is paired with you in a sponsorship program

this child receives regular meals, medical attention, and education providing hope for a better futur

the cycle of poverty is broken, and the child grows up to lead other communities

digging deeper to bring hope to the ebola crisis

An international health crisis is happening right now in Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. The Ebola outbreak has been devestating; loss of lives including children is so very sad. In addition the economy is taking a big hit. Many organizations and businesses are slowing down their work. Let Them LOL is committed to the people of Sierra Leone. We will spread HOPE where there is fear. In response to the crisis, we are launching the Digging Deeper Campaign. Instead of slowing down, we will step in alongside our friends there and engage even further in humanitarian efforts to help the country recover. We will expand our Orphan Care program by building additional homes, and working together with Social Welfare to identify up to 25 children who have lost their parents as a result of the outbreak, bringing them into a family at our Hope's Rising Childrens Village. We will raise the funds to cover the cost of care for these kids for the first 18 months as we work to get them sponsors. In order to Dig Deeper, we need to raise $120,000. The faster we can do that, the sooner we can increase our efforts to give these children hope for a better future.

every day more children are being orphaned by ebola.
Today, you can do something to change that.

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