let them LOL a Buffalo based not for profit for the last couple of years has been partnering with organizations working in our city. We are passionate about bringing community development and empowerment to communities around the world including ours here in Western New York. Some of the ways we have tangibly impacted our city is through clothing drives, and meal donations. Specifically, we gave 20,000+ nutritious meal out through the Food Bank of WNY. Additionally items from our annual yard sales have been donated to local organizations.

We have added value to our community here in WNY by creating volunteering opportunities. In 2018 we had over 4,000 volunteer hours. Partnering with business, schools, churches, and families. We also are commited to educating children in local and global needs and giving them hands on opportunities to change the world locally and abroad. Encouraging them to volunteer and make a diference in the world. Our annual Kids Gala brings kids of all ages together for a fun event where they learn how they can make a difference. We have also provided dozens of internships, and many of our interns have gone on to take jobs with local not for profits.

Hope Rising Leadership Academy

Hope Rising Leadership Academy is for High School Seniors who want to become leaders who empower themselves, their families and their communities for a better future. Our first class will begin meeting in September 2019. The program runs September through June. There will be two monthly required meetings, a weekly phone call with a mentor and some required reading. At the end of each month students who have completed all requirements will get to enjoy a free local experience (Examples: sabres game, Ziplining, etc.). Dinner will be provided at the two monthly meetings. Students who complete the program will be eligible for a college scholarship. As a part of this program, students will interact with and have experiences with local leaders, business and community organizations. They will be taught interview skills, grow their knowledge and confidence as well as form networks to help them have an incredible future. 

*Students must be nominated, following nomination the student will fill out an application. Applications must be received by August 31st.






It is our dream to expand our reach in the City of Buffalo in a more grassroots, commuity based way.
We are hoping to have a center in the City that would allow us to:
  • Create leadership development, mentorship and internship for youth
  • Utilize the arts: music, dance, video, photography and story telling to encourgage youth and build communities
  • Provide encouragement and support to adoptive and foster families
  • Support and build families though family nights and activities
  • Create volunteer opportunities for Buffalo communities to benefit local people and organizations
  • Partner with higher education institutions for higher education opportunities for those without access to them
By partnering with communities in Buffalo in these ways, our goal is to empower them to strengthen and build the dreams they have for their families and communities. 
*These are some of the ideas we have, however we take an approach both locally and in Sierra Leone of getting to know the communities we are working in, listening to them and community leaders and then matching our skills and resources with what can best benefit the community. 


One Drop Buffalo

A movement to unite and empower Buffalo businesses to create change.