Let them lol has grown rapidly in its amazing and short journey so far. Since 2009, our organization has seen many changes, villages in great need and brought hope to thousands of people. While organizations grow, so do internal & external expectations, responsibilities, logistics, and the need to stay organized! For many humanitarian organizations, sponsor information, event planning, and structuring activities is done by email and spreadsheets. This is perfectly acceptable for younger organizations, who are in their developing season. We have had such an incredible outpouring of support for many donors, and partners like you to bring us here.

We wanted to have a system or a tool that could let every necessary member of the team have access to crucial statistics that deliver impactful talking points to people interested in our organization. This past January we started to use a program called Airtable, which is on online database tool to streamline all of our data which was housed in multiple locations. Airtable has enabled us to have quick easy access on our mobile devices to key information like, “How many students still need to be sponsored?” and questions like, “How many wells exactly have you all dug?”


With the use of this software we have been able to have such a clearer, and far more accessible lens in to our program that we never thought possible. As we continue to grow in our organization, it becomes critical that we have the best, most accurate, and real time information for those who support our cause.
We can now keep meaningful statistics on our classroom sizes, children who still need sponsorship by class. We know how many students are currently sponsored, and we can maintain historical insights to how long somebody has been a sponsor, and how many students somebody sponsors. Airtable has proved to be a great solution, and we trust that it will help keep us aligned with our future goals and endeavors!

We believe that good data, provides good results. Thank you for taking a peek with us at some of the internal interworking of let them lol, and how we are scaling our ability to empower those to have a brighter future.
Martin J. Fredericks
Volunteer Staff
Database Administrator


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