Many people in the world today experience unjust suffering only because they lack the basic resources to “let them” embrace a better future. We exist to empower communities through sustainable development.

When we learned that nearly 1 billion people in our world don’t have access to clean drinking water and that everyday 4,000 children die from water related disease, we knew we had to do something. An idea emerged in the hearts of the “Let them Laugh Out Loud” creators to help bring hope to the burdened and suffering.

Laughter is often the overflow of joy in someone’s heart. One of our founders has a unique laugh. It makes others smile and laugh when they hear it. They decided to use what they have, by putting this laugh on a ringtone. People could download the ringtone, charging their phone $3, all of that going to bring clean water to those without it. The idea was that it was more than a ring tone. It was a voice.
 It was an opportunity for people to tell the story to others as well, so they could get involved too.

Let them LOL was created in October 2009. Within the first 6 weeks, we had funds for our first clean water well in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Within a year, there were funds for 12. We have seen people in our community become inspired and empowered. They have come together in a grassroots effort to provide clean water to one of the poorest communities in the world.

We have moved beyond the ring tone as more and more people have become inspired and joined the movement to end unnecessary suffering by empowering those in need.

As of December 2018, 130+ wells are completed, bringing clean water to 45,713+.

In addition to clean water, we provide care to 36+ children as well as education to 500 impoverished children at our school, Hope Rising Academy. We have agriculture projects providing job training and empowerment as well as nutritious food for the children we care for. Future plans include a medical facility, latrines, and additional community development. Additonally we have plans to expand and begin programs to impact our own city of Buffalo. 

For more info on what we've accomplished with the help of our volunteers and communities, check out our 2017 Annual Report.

A community here with a community there.
We are a grassroots organization. Schools, families, churches and individuals have all united together to bring hope through clean water. We look forward to partnering with you to bring hope to the people of Sierra Leone. Please contact us to get involved!

Where we are

Why Sierra Leone?
A destructive eleven-year rebel conflict ruined much of the country’s infrastructure and continues to have 
devastating effects on people’s lives. In 2007 Sierra Leone was ranked at the bottom of the United Nation’s Human Development Index. It has one of the highest under 5 mortality rates in the world, the life expectancy is 44.4 years old and 1 in 50 women die in child birth. In 2014 a devastating Ebola outbreak spread to Sierra Leone. And yet, despite living in extreme poverty, Sierra Leone is a beautiful country filled with resilient, strong people. We chose to focus on one region, in one of the poorest country in the world. Our hope is that over time, we will be able to see a lasting impact of real, sustainable change.

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Many drops make a mighty ocean.
- African Proverb


Volunteers are the key to what we do. Our Volunteer Center is located at 5205 Harris Hill Rd. in Williamsville, NY. If you are interested in volunteering at our Volunteer Center or at one of our many community events, fill out this form!


We are a grassroots organization relying on people just like you to join the story to bring lasting change. Check out or wide variety of giving options.

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“My Water Fundraising” is an opportunity for you to create your own fundraising website. Completely customizable and interactive, you can set your goal, and choose the project for your funds raised to go to. People have used this tool to ask people to donate towards clean water in lieu of birthday gifts, wedding gifts, etc. Churches, schools, businesses can use this tool by creating a team page with their collective goal, and then having members create individual pages.

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 Our commitment to our donors: Protection of our donors privacy is of highest importance to us. We do not and will not sell, share or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity.  The only information we collect is that which our donors provide to us. We provide opt in opportunities for emails as well as opt out opportunities in both emails and mailings. Donor information is never shared outside the organization and we maintain strict policies with staff in order to safe guard our donors. If you have questions or concerns regarding your personal information please contact us at or 716-458-0785.

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